10 Mobile App Security Scanners to Detect Vulnerability in Applications 2021

In this era, mobile technology and smartphone both are trendy terms that often get used. 90% of the population holds the smartphone in their hands. Their purpose is not only to “call” other parties but to use other features like Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other applications. Mobile app security scanners play an important role to detect vulnerability.

When you test the software application to develop the mobile device for usability, performance, functionality, security, etc. then it’s called Mobile Application Testing. It also includes hacking, authorization, authentication, vulnerabilities, session management, data security, and much more.

Mobile app security testing is essential for various reasons, but to prevent fraud attacks or malware infection mobile app scanners are important.

It is important to have the security testing as per business perspective, but sometimes tester may find a difficulty that time mobile app security testing tool make sure that mobile app is secure.

Top Ten Mobile App Security Scanners 2021

  • Android Debug Bridge
  • SandDroid
  • App-Ray
  • Drozer
  • Synopsys
  • Quixxi
  • StacoAn
  • Ostorlab
  • Micro Focus
  • Kiuwan

Android Debug Bridge

Mobile App security Scanners
Android Debug Bridge

As everyone knows that Google develops the operating system Android.

This Android Debug Bridge (ADB) acts as a command line tool that communicates the actually connected android device.

It also works as an emulator to assess mobile app security. It is getting used as a client-server tool to connect to multiple android devices and emulators.

ADB is fully integrated with Android Studio IDE. It helps in real-time monitoring system events and allows to use of shell commands. ADB communicates with few devices like WI-FI, USB, and Bluetooth. It also works frequently for the Android SDK package.


Mobile App Scanners

This tool performs static and dynamic analysis, which provides you a comprehensive report.

You need to upload APK and Zip files so that you will get a maximum of 50 MB.

This tool is developed by the Xi’an Jiaotong University and Botnet research team.

It currently performs few things; those are below:

  • It depends on the SDK version and file size.
  • It also checks the data leakage, phone call monitor, and SMS.
  • It does its risk behavior and score.
  • It also depends upon the code feature, component, network data, IP distribution analysis, and sensitive API.


App-Ray keeps the vulnerability at a bay, checks the mobile application from an unknown source, and provides the reputation by using MDM, MAM, or EMM. This scanner can detect the threat before it harms the data and prevents your data from malicious apps.

It integrates the application with vulnerability and allows data to perform automatically and elegantly.

Anytime you can trigger the action if you feel any risk. It adopts the military-grade technology that maps the data and also analyzes the network traffic including encrypted communication.

App-Ray uses static and dynamic code where static code employed the coding problem with encryption-related issues.

It also does the data leaks and anti-debugging. Another side dynamic behavior is instrumental, which does unmodified testing and access communication files. This tool works with Android and iOS applications.


Mobile App Scanners

Drozer is one of the best mobile app security services, and MWR InfoSecurity develops it.

This is a Cyber Security consultancy that launched in 2003, and it has many offices across the world like the US, UK, South Africa, and Singapore.

Very much fastest-growing company and provide the solution in different areas like security research, mobile security, etc.

Drozer is one of the best mobile app security scanners which supports android devices and emulates security testing.

This only works for the Android platform, where it executes Java by itself.

It is also not behind to give you cybersecurity solutions and it exploits the hidden weakness of other tools. It automatically discovers the threat area of an android app.


The US-based software company Synopsys technology is launched in 1986, and currently, the employee’s headcount is 11,000 and the revenue is $2.6 billion.

It has many offices in the US, Middle-East, and Europe. It provides a comprehensive solution for any mobile security testing.


This easily identifies the risk of the app and makes sure that it becomes secure. Many issues can come so users can use static and dynamic tools to customize mobile app testing.

This tool is the combination of multiple tools which does the best mobile app security testing.

It also focuses on the production environment so that it can deliver defect-free software.

Synopsys is always best because it improves the quality by reducing cost. It also eliminates the security vulnerability from APIs.



This is mainly focused on providing mobile analytics, recovery of the lost revenue, protection on the mobile app, etc.

If you want to do the vulnerability test, you need to upload the iOS and Android application files in this.

After the scanning, it will take a few minutes to get the vulnerability report. You will get everything in a detailed overview.

If you are getting the comprehensive report, you need to do free registration to their website as an applicant.


Mobile App security Scanners

This is one of the best mobile app security scanners which helps developers and ethical hackers. This is a cross-platform tool that analyzes the lines that has written on a code that includes API keys, hardcoded credentials, API URLs, coding error and much more.

This tool’s main aim is to serve you better graphical guidance and usability.

Currently, it gets supports from the APK files, but it will also get supports from IPA files.

This open-source StacoAn can generate a portable and visual report.

As a user, if you want to customize, then you may get a better experience.

You can use the “loot function” where you can mark the valuable finding and view all those findings to provide you the loot page.

This application works with different files like js, Java, HTML, and XML.


Mobile App security Scanners

This is one of the best mobile app security scanners that will allow you to scan the iOS and Android app and provide you with information on the finding.

Whenever it provides any information, it gives everything in detail. You need to upload APK or IPA file in a few minutes to get the security scan report.

Micro Focus

Mobile App security Scanners
Micro Focus

The time Micro Focus and HPE Software joined they have become the largest software in this world.

Its headquarters is in Newbury with 6000 employees.

The revenue of this company yearly $1.3 billion.

Its main focus is to deliver the correct thing in security & Risk Management, Hybrid IT, and DevOps, etc.

This tool provides complete security testing with multiple devices, platforms, servers, and networks.

It fortifies the performance through mobile security testing, and it uses the flexible delivery model.

It identifies the security vulnerabilities through the client, network, and server. It also allows to scan and identify the malware. This tool works with multiple platforms like Microsoft, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, Apple iOS, etc. It does the scheduled scan to get the exact result.


Mobile App security Scanners

In the matter of security testing, Kiuwan is unbeatable where it works with a 360-degree approach with large technology coverage.

This security testing works with static code analysis as well as software composition analysis.

It comes with automation wherein any stage SDLC is available. It provides a coverage of the main language, one of the popular frameworks in mobile development, and has integration IDE level.

Final Thoughts

We hope these mobile app security scanners will help you get the best mobile application security as per your requirement to fix your every finding. Since you are a security professional, by reading this will understand your best one.



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