CertFirst core management team has over 100+ years of combined experience providing Technology & Project Management knowledge transfer solutions. Our unique and customized training solutions experience can provide your company an effective training program within your budget and as well as in a productive manner. Wherever and whenever your team require training.

CertFirst has tremendous amount of experience in developing training programs from scratch. Our team has successfully developed several certification training standards in the Open Source and as well as in the IT Security domains. Our team understands that all clients have their own unique training requirements and one standard program will never work for all clients. Beside our standard Vendor designed core public scheduled courses or off-the shelf courses, we are proud to provide customized training solutions that are designed based on each client’s specific requirements. Sometimes we even customized the training based on the on going project requirement at the client site and if required we even extend our Subject Matter Expert to stay back as a consultant to make sure the project goes smoothly and the employees feel confident that there is a Guru in the house in-case extra assistance and advice is required till the project gets completed. These customized training & consulting solutions are much cheaper than flying your dozens of employees to the training facility for boot camps and pay for additional travel, hotel, meals and/or ground transportation. Even after all these expenses and weeks of training the employees still may not really learn what they supposed to. Most of the programs are very standard industry program designed by the vendor to cover everything instead of what is really required by the client. Client may need to mix up multiple tools instead of just one particular technology and that is very difficult to get in a standard public scheduled class. Sometimes, it requires developing a complete dedicated brand new course or series of courses to meet client needs.

Our team understands that in this competitive business market many organizations today want a more highly customized training program in order to improve employee performance, Project Management skills, Technology skills and improving sales through Social Media Technology solutions.

Starting with communicating between our Knowledge Transfer consultant and your key stakeholders, we build your training program from the ground up. We’ll work together to identify and understand your business model, your employee strengths & weaknesses through our assessment tools, training objectives and goals. From there, we’ll select the specific skills, strategies, delivery method (on-site or Virtual Live), develop the content, incorporate all your key requirements, develop tests for post training assessment and labs or exercises for active participation and as well as provide post training online or e-mail support for up 3 months at no additional cost.

You’ll have an opportunity to discuss your training and development objectives with one of our top Knowledge Transfer Consultant who will incorporate your input into the training day. Unlike other training organizations, the Certified Instructor(s) facilitating your event will be an integral part of this process. Our instructors don’t just “show up and lecture” and then leave! They work directly with your assigned Manager within your organization, our program designers/SME’s and you to identify and understand what it takes for your training program to be a success.

Flexible schedule and Delivery Options

Keep in mind, when we re developing your training program from Ground zero. You’ll have access to our readily available industry-recognized training programs as the core content for your training solution, which we can customize according to your needs in a cost effective and in a timely manner.

Our team will help you with your choice of:

  • Training delivery method:
    • On-site classroom
    • Instructor-led Virtual Live
    • Blended package
    • 1 on 1 special programs for Managers & Executives
    • Class room at our facility or one of our certcamp locations (over 100+ locations world-wide)
  • Training frequency and scheduling
  • Training course-ware, labs and required Tools
  • On-line access to our Certification Exam Prep site at no additional cost
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