Certified and Highly Experienced Instructors

All CertFirst trainers are certified and highly experienced in their respective specialized area. Most of our trainers have an average of over 10 years of experience in their respective fields and industries.

CertFirst High Quality, Extensive and Industry Standard Curriculum

CertFirst uses high quality Authorized curriculum for each vendor authorized by industry leaders for each and every technical course CertFirst offer. It enables our students to acquire knowledge and achieve certifications much faster.

CertFirst State-of-the-Art Classrooms

CertFirst provides its clients with all the required technology and tools in order to deliver all its training programs in the most effective manner. CertFirst uses the latest computer equipment and software for all their programs.

CertFirst Flexible Scheduling

CertFirst many classes and wide variety of choices enable us to offer flexible scheduling for students who have inconvenient hours. We are sensitive to the needs of working students, offering classes in the form of CertCamps (boot camps) during the weekdays, evenings and Saturday classes to accommodate each and every student. CertFirst also offer Virtual live classes for individuals who prefers to attend the class from the comfort of their house. CertFirst usually provides all the required equipment for the duration of the training program. All the candidate needs to have is a internet connection at their end.

CertFirst excellent convenient locations

Our Global World HQ is located in the southwest suburb of Chicago about 10 miles away form downtown, Chicago. Our close proximity to Chicago downtown and all major subway lines and land transportation makes it easy and convenient for students to take courses with us.

Our Competitive Pricing and Flexible Loan Program

CertFirst provides its clients with the most competitive pricing for its training services. CertFirst also can assist individuals who are seeking financial assistance to fund training at CertFirst. We also offer scholarships to IT professionals who are looking for better opportunities.

CertFirst online Testing Preparation Access

Depending on the type of courses our students enroll in, CertFirst offers free exam prep tools to all it students. We recognize the value of complementing these services to our classroom training courses will turn out better skilled graduates that will be more attractive to employers.

Job Placement Service

CertFirst is a part of SaiFirst Corporation.; A total solution provider in the Enterprise Technology and Management industry and deals with Fortune 1000 companies, thus providing an excellent resources and assistance to our students in finding full time, contractual or temp employment. We have recently developed a dedicate website for temporary and as well as for full time placement for all certified professionals.

Hands-on Experience and Internships

One of the most valuable reasons why students chose us is that we give a hands-on experience approach to the way our courses are taught. For example, if you take a Biometrics certification course, we will provide you with the REAL thing, Biometrics software, finger print sensor to install, troubleshoot and experiment. At the end of our professional course, we invite qualified candidates to participate in a CertFirst internship. No other training center offers the breadth of services and support we offer. Internships are only available to selected individuals who are currently unemployed.