GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation (PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION)

As data security becomes more important, there is also an ever rising need for organizations to secure those data. Apart from the infringement of fundamental rights and individual liberties, failure to comply with data privacy laws will lead to dangerous circumstances that could damage the integrity, image and financial condition of an organization. This is where you gain your experience as a data security officer.

The PECB Accredited Data Protection Officer training course enables you to learn information and know-how in order to serve as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and enable enterprises to comply with the GDPR criteria.

Becoming a Certified Data Protection Officer will allow you to get the expertise required to evaluate the risks that could have a negative impact on your business and to implement the necessary strategic solutions based on GDPR best practices, rules, and principles.

You will take the examine after taking the training and you can qualify for the certification of the “PECB Certified Data Protection Officer” if you complete the examine successfully. The globally recognized “PECB Certified Data Protection Officer” credential would show that you have the technical and realistic expertise to instruct the controller and the processor how to satisfy their GDPR compliance obligations.

Lectures - 03
Duration - 40 hours
Skill level - All levels
Language - English

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