3 Day CertCamp

CertFirst has designed a special 3 day program for Corporate Executives who are non-technical business leaders and corporate executives. As many of you have already experienced that the relationship between IT departments and business executives could be a nightmare—miscommunication & lack of IT knowledge is rife, leaving executives struggling to improve the situation. This 3 day program is designed by IT experts to help organizations develop a language shared by corporate executives from various backgrounds and areas of expertise, so they can work together efficiently and productively, propelling the company toward future success.

Many of you must have question yourself at certain stage some of the following:
  • Why everything regarding Information Technology solutions are so expensive and takes too much time to implement?
  • How do I communicate with my technology team where I don’t make a fool out of myself?
  • I think I need to use the latest technology but not sure how it works and why my company is falling behind the competition in respect to technology?
  • How do I use Social Media Marketing Technology to help my company grow?
  • Why Cyber Security is so critical for my business and I should know more about it?
  • What kind of basic computer tools do I need to use including mobile technology to be more effective at my position?

This 3 day program will help you answer all the above questions and much more.It’s hard to imagine running a company without the right Information Technology in today’s world. IT is an indispensable part of our life regardless of business & industry you work for?

Enterprise solutions and applications enables everything from Technical support, billing systems to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Cloud & Virtual Technology and mobile technology is enabling us to work virtually from anywhere in the world. There is now an inherent technological aspect to almost every job and every project.

Information Technology has become undeniably instrumental in a smoothly functioning company.

Every corporate executive should develop essential technological skills and knowledge in order to be productive at workplace. As corporate Managers or leaders within their organization, they should also ensure that their employees also understand the type of technology & applications their company has in place in order to perform at their level best. In order to acquire deeper technology knowledge, Executives should make an effort to learn the language of IT and how to navigate the online world. All executives should have enough IT knowledge to be able to communicate and also be able to ask the right questions as a means of lessening the division between the functions of IT and their management responsibilities. The effective communication usually leads to better results. With a technology component to almost every project and job, Corporate executives and Managers must try to understand not just how IT supports the business, but how IT shapes the way the business runs.

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