Certified ISO 19600 Lead Compliance Manager (GOVERNANCE, RISK, AND COMPLIANCE)

The Lead Enforcement Manager ISO 19600 course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to support the development, execution, assessment, maintenance, and enhancement of an efficient CMS based on the ISO 19600 standard. During this training course, you can also learn about best practices and Compliance Management Systems, as well as the elements required for implementing and maintaining a CMS, such as: identification of enforcement responsibilities, development of CMS goals and procedures, management and participation, formation of a compliance culture, organizational preparation and monitoring, performance measurements, and evaluation.

After studying all of the necessary compliance management system ideas, you should take the test and apply for a “PECB Certified ISO 19600 Lead Compliance Manager” certification. With the PECB Lead Compliance Manager Credential, you will demonstrate that you have the practical experience and technological skills to successfully execute an enforcement management scheme in a business.

Lectures - 05
Duration - 40 hours
Skill level - All levels
Language - English

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