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Duration: 2 days

Instruction Method: Instructor Led classroom, Instructor Led virtual live, Group Onsite, Group virtual live


Course Overview
* Advanced computer literacy
* Knowledge of operating systems
* History of Zabbix
* Zabbix architecture and functionality
* Server, frontend and agent installation
* Initial Zabbix configuration
* Zabbix frontend overview
* Zabbix definitions
* Hosts, items, triggers
* Data collection
* Using host templates
* Data visualization – graphs, network maps, screens, slideshows
* Zabbix administration – users, user group membership, permission system
* Escalations and repeated notifications
* Host and host group level maintenance
* WEB Monitoring
* Network discovery and active agent auto-registration
* Log file monitoring
* Command line utilities
* User macros
* IT Services / SLA
* XML Import/Export
* Proxy overview
* Extending Zabbix
* Zabbix API overview
* Zabbix maintenance
* Backup procedures
* Development policy and Zabbix roadmap

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