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CertFirst with its partners has designed this special 5 day customized boot camp program for its clients to get the most out of their investment.
Delivery Remote access to dedicated rack of servers with one HP
DL365 server/student, an iSCSI SAN, etc.

CertFirst currently has access to 150+
student servers available Hardware & Infrastructure Requirements:

Course can be run from any location that has a reliable
Internet connection. Each attendee needs a PC that supports Microsoft Terminal Services Lab Time 40+% of class time is devoted to hands-on labs Certification Prepares attendees to challenge the independent Certified Virtualization Specialist exam (Exam is provided on-line is included in the package price).


This powerful 5-day class is an intensive introduction to VMware
vSphere™ 6.0 including VMware ESX™ 6.0 and vCenter™.  No prior
virtualization experience, this class starts with the basics and rapidly progresses to advanced topics. 40+% of class time is devoted to labs so concepts, skills and best practices are developed and reinforced.

Labs start with installation and configuration of stand-alone ESXi servers and progress to shared storage, networking and centralized management. The class continues to advanced topics including resource balancing, high availability, power management, back up and recovery, performance, vCenter redundancy, VM redundancy. Disaster recovery, rapid deployment, hot migration and workload consolidation are also covered.

This class is unique in its approach; which is to identify and eliminate common IT pain points and then to use virtualization to delivers clear, tangible benefits. Each topic is presented from the perspective of delivering key business value;

This class is unique in its approach; which is to identify and eliminate common IT pain points using vSphere. Students learn how to deliver business value; not just the technical or mechanical aspects of the software.

VMWare Course Offering:

Course Detail: VMware® vSphere: Hands-On CertCamp
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Course Name: VMware® vSphere: Hands-On CertCamp

Course Number: VT301

Delivery Method: Classroom Instructor, Virtual Live instructor, Group onsite training

Price (US$): Contact

Duration: 5


In this hands-on Certcamp programs based on ESX/ESXi 4.1 and vCenter Server 4.1, candidates will learn to install, configure, and manage VMware vSphere™, which consists of VMware ESX/ESXi and VMware vCenter Server. Candidates will also go through theory and as well as hands-on Instructor-led labs.

Program Details
Candidates will learn and be able to do the following upon completion of this course:
•Create a virtual environment that connects to the "real world"
•Increased hardware capacities using vSphere virtual machines
•Time and effort saved by learning multiple methods of creating virtual machines
•Allocating more memory than you physically have on your servers using patented VMware technologies
•Creating the ultimate redundancy solution for your critical servers
•All the advantages of incorporating virtual computing into your data-center

1. Course Introduction
2. Introduction to VMware Virtualization
3. VMware ESX and ESXi
4. VMware vCenter Server
5. Networking
6. Storage
7. Virtual Machines
8. Access Control
9. Resource Monitoring
10. Data Protection
11. Scalability
12. High Availability
13. Patch Management
14. Installing VMware ESX and ESXi

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