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Duration: 5 Days

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This course is designed to provide the Internals knowledge and wealth of practical tuning & optimization techniques that you can put into production.

The course covers SQL Server architecture, indexing and statistics strategies, optimize transaction log operations, tempdb and data file configuration, transactions and isolation levels, and locking and blocking. The course also teaches how to create baselines and benchmark SQL Server performance, how to analyze workload and figure out where performance problems are, and how to fix them.


The primary audience for this course is individuals who administer and maintain SQL Server databases and are responsible for optimal performance of SQL Server Instances that they manage. These individuals also write queries against data and need to ensure optimal execution performance of the workloads.

Course Outline

  • Describe the SQL Server architecture.
  • Describe and monitor SQL Server scheduling.
  • Analyze wait statistics.
  • Describe core IO concepts.
  • Describe Storage Area Networks and it’s components.
  • Test storage performance using SQLIO utility.
  • Describe Database structures.
  • Describe Data File Internals and best practices.
  • Describe TempDB Internals and best practices.
  • Describe Concurrency and Transactions.
  • Describe SQL Server Locking Architecture.
  • Describe Extended Events core concepts.
  • Implement Extended Events.
  • Monitor and trace SQL Server performance data.
  • Baseline and benchmark SQL Server Performance.
  • Identify and diagnose CPU performance issues.
  • Identify and diagnose Memory performance issues.
  • Identify and diagnose IO performance issues.
  • Identify and diagnose TempDB performance issues.
  • Identify and diagnose Concurrency performance issues.
  • Describe Optimizer Internals.
  • Analyze, identify and fix Query Plan issues.
  • Identify and minimize index fragmentation.
  • Specify correct index column order.
  • Identify and create missing indexes.
  • Tune slow running queries.


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