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According to Intel, more than 70% of processors are multi – core which will increase performance, speed, and scalability to name just a few:
• This increased performance is not automatic; the developers / programmers need to know how to make it happen.
• Intel training courses cover principles and strategies for performance threading to enhance speed, how to design, develop and debug applications for multi core processors, and parallelized software development.
At CertFirst, enjoy a full learning experience with comprehensive instructor-led classroom training followed by hands-on labs. With topics covering application development for the latest Intel platforms, tools and technologies, these interactive classroom settings ensure a rich learning experience.

Course Detail: Developing Applications Using 64-Bit Technology
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Course Name: Developing Applications Using 64-Bit Technology

Course Number: IMT301

Delivery Method: Classroom Instructor, Virtual Live instructor, Group onsite training

Price (US$): Contact

Duration: 5 days

Description: This course brings 64-bit processing capabilities to desktops, servers, and workstations while ensuring full compatibility with current 32-bit operating systems and applications. It improves performance by allowing the system to address more than 4 gigabytes of virtual and physical memory. Using this technology, you can enjoy the flexibility to move to 64-bit processing whenever it makes the most sense for your needs. Learn how to develop & migrate 32-bit code to processors with 64-bit technology and achieve better performance when working with large datasets. This practical course removes the guesswork, giving you required hands-on training on optimization and best known methods to develop flexible, scalable, 64-bit software applications for desktops and general-purpose server/workstation platforms.

Audience Developers seeking maximum performance of their products/applications on threaded, multi-core and multi-processor systems.

Pre-requisites Working experience with C and C++ programming.

Day 1 Introduction to 64-Bit Technology, What it means for your favorite apps
Active Directory DC
Terminal Services
Exchange Server
64-bit Server Hardware/Computing Infrastructure
Migrating to Windows Vista: Should you go with 64-bit?
Give your system memory a boost with x64
64-bit Windows—help or hype?
When and how to migrate to a 64-bit platform
Virtualization and 64-bit: A match made in Windows heaven
Resources from Intel
Labs & Demos
Description of 64-bit and the associated programming changes

Day 2
WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit)
x86 emulator
Performance and Memory Consumption
WOW64 Implementation Details
Registry Redirector
File System Redirector
Memory Management
Processor Affinity
Interprocess Communication
Application Installation
Debugging WOW64
Migrating/Accessing DLLs from 32-bit to 64-bit
The conflict: 64-bit versus 32-bit
The solution: a surrogate process
Distributed COM (DCOM), as an IPC mechanism
Labs & Demos

Day 3 64-Bit Migration to Windows
64-Bit Programming Models
Technical Choices
Evaluation Criteria
Interoperability with 32-Bit Systems and other 64-Bit Systems
Performance Characteristics
Labs & Demos
64-Bit Migration to Linux
64-Bit Programming Models
Differences from x86 Linux
C/C++ Portability Hints
Preparing Your Code 64-Bit Clean Types Function Prototypes
Potential Bugs
Compiler Tips
Intel CC
Open64 Compilers
Secure Programming Lint
Source OS Tools
Endianism Role
Steps to Portability

Day 4 Tools and techniques for successful migration to 64 bits
Mixing of 32-bit and 64-bit applications
Writing code that takes advantage of new instructions
Optimization using 64-bit programming
Three Levels of Optimization
Effective use of big memory while avoiding the pitfalls
Labs & Demos

Day 5 Memory Usage Decrease
Issues & Problems of testing 64-bit applications
More Hands-on Labs/Examples written in C/C++ language
Class Review/Q&A

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NOTE: The above training programs are only available for a group of 5 or more candidates at any of CertFirst CertCamp location, client site or Virtual Live.

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