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According to Intel, more than 70% of processors are multi – core which will increase performance, speed, and scalability to name just a few:
• This increased performance is not automatic; the developers / programmers need to know how to make it happen.
• Intel training courses cover principles and strategies for performance threading to enhance speed, how to design, develop and debug applications for multi core processors, and parallelized software development.
At CertFirst, enjoy a full learning experience with comprehensive instructor-led classroom training followed by hands-on labs. With topics covering application development for the latest Intel platforms, tools and technologies, these interactive classroom settings ensure a rich learning experience.

Course Detail: Multithreaded Applications for Multi-Core Processors
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Course Name: Multithreaded Applications for Multi-Core Processors

Course Number: IMTS201

Delivery Method: Classroom Instructor, Virtual Live instructor, Group onsite training

Price (US$): Contact

Duration: 3 days

Description: This intensive three-day course covers development of skills required to write multithreaded applications from serial code for multi-core execution. Some of the basic concepts that are central to multithreaded programming are covered before examining two common methods of designing threaded algorithms. The course also includes practices of threaded programming including the windows Threading model, OpenMP, and Intel Threading Building Blocks. Finally the course demonstrates more advanced techniques for allocating tasks and data to threads in larger applications.

Audience Developers seeking maximum performance of their products/applications on threaded, multi-core and multi-processor systems.

Pre-requisites Familiarity with C and C++ programming.

Objectives By the end of this course students should be able to design and implement multithreaded algorithms.

Course Outline Session I – Multithreaded Programming Concepts
Session II – Parallel Patterns, Task Parallelism,Geometric Decomposition SPMD, Loop Parallelism, Basic Communication, Synchronization
Session III – Programming with Windows Threads
Session IV – Programming with Windows Threads
Session V – Task Allocation Methods with Windows Threads, Producer/Consumer, Boss/Worker, Thread pools
Session VI – Programming with OpenMP
Session VII – Review of C++ and OO Template Programming
Session VIII – Programming with Intel Threading Building Blocks

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NOTE: The above training programs are only available for a group of 5 or more candidates at any of CertFirst CertCamp location, client site or Virtual Live.

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