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Based on an EMC global survey, storage managers report that 66% of their staff would benefit from additional skills development. This gap is a potential problem throughout the IT industry. Where will IT managers and business stakeholders find knowledgeable, skilled storage professionals to fill the growing demand?

CertFirst is an authorized EMC Learning Center through Element K and is focus to address the growing global storage knowledge gap and to develop a base of trained and certified storage professionals. This authorized program will be offered to our audiences who are interested in storage technology education either as an extension of their existing IT roles or to build upon their college programs that did not offer storage-specific education.

The Storage Technologist Learning Path, offering EMC Proven™ Professional Associate- and Specialist-level certifications, enables IT professionals to assess, plan, design, and manage complex storage solutions. This Learning Path is suitable for:

•Experienced storage professionals knowledgeable in specific segments who may not have exposure to all of the other segments of modern storage infrastructure.
•Experienced IT professionals or organization-wide IT teams assuming responsibility to manage storage infrastructure.
•Students and IT professionals who want to build their career in the storage industry.

CertFirst currently offers the following courses within the EMC Storage Technologist Learning Path:

Information Storage and Management (ISM)
Course Number: E20-001

About ISM Certification:

This course introduces students to an “open” storage curriculum that is focused on concepts and principles rather than product specifics. It provides a comprehensive introduction to storage technology, enabling participants to make more informed decisions about information storage and management in context of their own company infrastructure, regardless of storage platform.

The Information Storage and Management exam is a qualifying examination for the EMC Proven Professional Associate level. This exam requires the successful candidate to be able to describe storage networking technologies, such as DAS, SAN, NAS, and CAS. In addition, a candidate should be able to describe the key business and technical drivers for storage including business continuity, storage infrastructure security and management, and storage virtualization technologies. The common themes of this exam are technology requirements, physical and logical elements, host-to-storage interconnection, data protection, and security.
The Information Storage and Management exam focuses on underlying information storage technologies and concepts. A limited number of questions refer to EMC product examples that are used in the training to reinforce the knowledge of general storage technologies and concepts. The successful candidate will be awarded EMC Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) certification. A candidate can employ this knowledge and certification to a wide variety of storage and information technology roles and functions.

Course Outline/Exam Topics:

Major Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

• Storage Systems
o Data classification and storage evolution
o Core elements of a data center infrastructure and their requirements
o Importance and benefit of ILM strategy
o Physical and logical components of the host, connectivity and storage, including key protocols and options
o Components of a disk drive, including their functions, logical constructs of a physical disk and factors affecting disk drive performance
o Common RAID levels; appropriate RAID levels based on performance and availability considerations
o Components and benefits of an intelligent storage system

• Storage Networking Technologies and Virtualization
o Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) benefits, limitations, and management considerations
o SCSI architecture and addressing scheme
o Storage Area Network (SAN) including the benefits, best environment for SAN use, SAN components, topologies, connectivity options and zoning
o FC protocol stack, addressing, flow control, and classes of service
o Networked-Attached Storage (NAS) including benefits and best environment for NAS use, NAS components, protocols, implementation options, and management considerations
o IP Storage Area Network (IP SAN) including benefits and best environment for IP SAN use
o Basic architecture of iSCSI, FCIP and FCoE
o Content Addressed Storage (CAS) including benefits and best environment for CAS use, CAS elements, storage, and retrieval processes
o Block-level and file-level storage virtualization technology and the concepts of virtual provisioning and cloud computing.

• Business Continuity o Business Continuity measurement, terminologies, and planning
o Backup consideration, purposes, and granularity
o Backup methods, architecture, topologies, and technologies in SAN and NAS environments
o Local replication: uses, considerations, including host and array-based local replication technologies
o Synchronous and asynchronous remote replication, including various host and array-based remote replication technologies

• Storage Security and Management
o Storage security framework and various security domains
o Security implementation in SAN, NAS, and IP-SAN networking
o Monitoring various storage infrastructure components
o Storage management activities, challenges, and storage management initiative

Note: These details reflect exam content as of December 01, 2010.
The Proven Professional Program periodically updates exams to reflect technical currency and relevance. Please check the Proven Professional website regularly for the latest information.

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