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Course Number: Network+

Duration: 3 day session or 5 day session

Instruction Method: Instructor Led classroom, Instructor Led virtual live, Group Onsite, Group virtual live


Network+ is an ISO-17024 compliant, vendor-neutral technology certification that verifies the certified individual has the skills and knowledge needed to take on a pivotal role in building, managing, and protecting the critical asset that is the data network.


The certification validates that the successful candidate has the important knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, basic design principles, and adhere to wiring standards and use testing tools.


Program Details

1.0 Network Technologies

1.1 Explain the function of common networking protocols
1.2 Identify commonly used TCP and UDP default ports
1.3 Identify the following address formats
1.4 Given a scenario, evaluate the proper use of the addressing technologies and addressing schemes
1.5 Identify common IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols
1.6 Explain the purpose and properties of routing
1.7 Compare the characteristics of wireless communication standards

2.0 Network Media and Topologies

2.1 Categorize standard cable types and their properties
2.2 Identify common connector types
2.3 Identify common physical network topologies
2.4 Given a scenario, differentiate and implement appropriate wiring standards
2.5 Categorize WAN technology types and properties
2.6 Categorize LAN technology types and properties
2.7 Explain common logical network topologies and their characteristics
2.8 Install components of wiring distribution

3.0 Network Devices

3.1 Install, configure and differentiate between common network devices
3.2 Identify the functions of specialized network devices
3.2 Explain the advanced features of a switch
3.3 Implement a basic wireless network

4.0 Network Management

4.1 Explain the function of each layer of the OSI model
4.2 Identify types of configuration management documentation
4.3 Given a scenario, evaluate the network based on configuration management documentation
4.4 Conduct network monitoring to identify performance and connectivity issues
4.5 Explain different methods and rationales for network performance optimization
4.6 Given a scenario, implement the following network troubleshooting methodology
4.7 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common connectivity issues and select an appropriate solution

5.0 Network Tools

5.1 Given a scenario, select the appropriate command line interface tool and interpret the output to verify functionality
5.2 Explain the purpose of network scanners
5.3 Given a scenario, utilize the appropriate hardware tools

6.0 Network Security

6.1 Explain the function of hardware and software security devices
6.2 Explain common features of a firewall
6.3 Explain the methods of network access security
6.4 Explain methods of user authentication
Explain issues that affect device security
Identify common security threats and mitigation techniques

The new exam has been updated to reflect the current thinking of industry professionals as well as to reflect technologies used today, with a greater emphasis on practical knowledge, especially how to identify and use elements of a network infrastructure. Significant changes include:

  • Additional IPv6 concepts.
  • Emphasis on troubleshooting.
  • Additional security knowledge.
  • Knowledge of how to administer key systems.

The main differences between CompTIA Network+ N10-005 and Network+ N10-006 are the following:

  • Updated terms and technologies in the IT networking field.
  • More hands-on experiences such as installing, configuring, implementing, managing and troubleshooting.
  • Three new topics:
    • Compare and contrast physical security controls.
    • Summarize basic forensic concepts.
    • Summarize safety practices.


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Test Details
Test Details
Exam Codes N10-005
JK0-019 (for CompTIA Academy Partners only)
JK0-023 (for CompTIA Academy Partners only)
Launch Date 1-Dec-11 28-Feb-15
Number of Questions Maximum of 100 questions Maximum of 90 questions
Type of Questions Multiple choice and performance-based Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of Test 90 Minutes 90 Minutes
Passing Score 720 (on a scale of 100-900) 720 (on a scale of 100-900)
Recommended Experience
  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • (9) months of networking experience
  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • (9) months of networking experience
Languages English, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Traditional Chinese English at launch (2/28/15) Japanese and German – in development
Retirement English Version 8/31/2015
All other languages: 12/31/2015
TBD – Usually three years after launch


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