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Adobe Illustrator

In this course you will learn to:
Setup multiple artboards
Create rough designs for artwork (typically logos)
Create multiple comps for a given assignment
Understanding of how to work in the Work area
Select and customize workspaces
Navigate between artboards

Course and Exam topics include:

Navigating the Workspace

Customizing the workspace

Using multiple artboards

Utilizing rulers, grids, guides, and crop marks


Drawing basics

Creating shapes

Drawing pixel-aligned paths for web workflows

Drawing with the Pencil tool

Drawing with the Pen tool

Editing paths

Applying a gradient to a stroke

Perspective drawing

Tracing artwork with Live Trace

Using Image Trace

Working with symbols

Working with symbolism tools and sets

Working with Color

Selecting color

Using and creating swatches

Adding colors from artwork to the Swatches panel

Working with Color Groups

Using the Kuler panel

Adjusting color

Working with Pantone Plus color libraries


Painting with fills and strokes

Working with Live Paint groups

Creating and using brushes

Working with transparency and blending modes

Creating and using gradients

Creating and using meshes

Creating and using patterns

Working with Type

Creating type on a path

Scaling and rotating type

Working with fonts

Formatting type

Adjusting line and character spacing

Formatting paragraphs

Creating and applying character and paragraph styles

Creating Special Effects

Creating and using appearance attributes

Working with effects

Creating and applying drop shadows, glows, and feathering

Creating and applying graphic styles

Working with Web Graphics

Creating web graphics

Utilizing slices and image maps

Utilizing SVG

Creating animations


Setting up documents for printing

Printing color separations

Working with printer and bleed marks

Printing gradients, meshes, and color blends

Printing and saving transparent artwork



Using print presets



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