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WIA-Approved Career Training Provider

You may qualify for WIA grants to pay for short term career training.
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is the nation’s principal workforce development act.
Individuals who are unemployed, or who otherwise meet federal low income guidelines, work in a declining industry or occupation, are part of a mass layoff, or qualify as a displaced homemaker, may qualify for WIA grant funding to pay for selected State approved programs at CertFirst.
CertFirst Professional & Career Development Program (PCDP) is designed for dislocated workers and career changers who wants to make a fast career change to the technology industry where the jobs are available. CertFirst provides programs for everyone based on their educational and/or their work experience.

The following programs are highly recommended and designed for the Career Changer market and as well as for technology professionals who would like to learn the technologies that are currently in great demand and provide candidate with several job options upon the their successful completion of certification.

Call 630-684-0355 Today to schedule a date and time for our upcoming Free seminar or send an email to .

Candidates are highly recommended to go through free technical Assessment before enrolling in to any of the following programs to make sure they have what IT take to successfully complete these programs.

Training is offered at Oak Brook, IL facility and as well as Virtual Live for candidate(s) who wish not to travel and can do the training from the comfort of their home.

Professional & Career Development Programs

If you need any additional info or would like to request a
1-on-1 career counseling, please call 630-684-0355 or fill up the following form:

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