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CertFirst offers a Cassandra hands-on training & certification program which enables you to understand the basic concepts of Cassandra including its features, architecture, data model, and Hadoop Ecosystem products around it. You will learn how to install, configure, and monitor Cassandra. CertFirst Apache Cassandra CertCamp (virtual Live or classroom) offers many challenging, practical and focused hands-on exercises for the learners throughout this hands-on training program. The course is best-suited for big data developers & Administrators, Software Engineers/developers, and Data Analytic Professionals.

Duration: 4 Days

Delivery Method:  This program is delivered both Virtual Live and as well as in the classroom format.

Program Objectives

Apache CassandraTM is an open-source project and a second-generation distributed NoSQL database. Cassandra supports replication across multiple Data Centers. Our Cassandra CertCamp program will teach you how NoSQL database known for Scalability and High Availability without compromising on Performance. You’ll gain expertise in Cassandra Data Modeling, Architecture, Cassandra Hadoop Integration with real-life industry use-cases.
The Apache Cassandra 4 day CertCamp at CertFirst covers the following key topics:
  • Learn about Cassandra Features and NoSQL domain
  • Create Cassandra cluster for various kinds of applications
  • Understand Apache Cassandra Architecture
  • Installation, configuration, and monitoring of Cassandra
  • Hadoop ecosystem of products around Cassandra
  • Design and model Applications for Cassandra Port existing application from RDBMS to Cassandra
  • Learn Cassandra admin operations for managing a cluster

The Apache CassandraTM is a 4 day intensive Hands-on CertCamp program and is delivered by CertFirst Certified and Experienced Instructors.

Lab Servers: Access to dedicated lab server provided exam pass guarantee, ask your CertFirst Account representative for more details.


This program requires no prior knowledge of Apache Cassandra or any other NoSQL database. Basic understanding of Linux & SQL commands is essential, minimal exposure to Java, database or data-warehouse concepts is helpful.

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